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We are back for a special YUNG 'N' SPRUNG episode of Talkshops!

For this special episode we are featuring an all ART & DESIGN speaker panel who will be sharing their knowledge, thoughts and ideas.

Topic of discussion:
We know that finding your feet in the creative industry can be quite difficult, most don’t know where to start. There is no specific handbook, especially if you’re a YUNG artist.

It’s fair to say that the creative industries progress and change more rapidly than most industries. Especially with the creative industries reliance on technlogy, we are seeing new work created daily from all around the world. Influencing, shaping and changing culture.

Hear from our speakers as they break down their thoughts on the topic, how they started their journey along with insight into their current creative processes that help them create daily.

Confirmed Speakers

Callum Preston
Multi-Disciplinary Artist & Member Of Everfresh Studios

Callum has created a lifestyle and career out of his art through consistent hard work.

His most known for his mural and signwriting work painting for many clients including bars, cafes, councils and landmarks including The Sun Theatre in Yarraville and on channel 9’s tv show ‘The Block' and also at National Gallery of Victoria.

Along the way he has been blessed with many opportunities including awesome collaborations with brands such as CONVERSE , AFENDS , JanSport AustraliaFast Times SkateboardingHype DC and has also created for bands such as Parkway DriveThe Amity AfflictionViolent Soho and more!

More from him here:

Sahil Silk Roy
Multi Disciplinary Artist, Designer & Member Of Studio 615

One of the most humble creatives in the scene, Silk Roy has refined and sharpened his skill as an artist painting murals at many establishments including Laundry BarBlue Bar, Oxiam and Attica (restaurant) with artist Heesco. As well as design for OG Melbourne brand Burn Crew.

Alongside that he has had numerous successes exhibiting and showcasing in many group shows at key galleries such as Obscura , Tate , Rvca GalleryNo Vacancy Gallery and recently held his debut solo show at BSIDE Gallery.

Now a brand ambassador for Rainbird Clothing with a collaboration currently out alongside the curator for ‘ Seasons Of Of Change’ series at Revolver Upstairs. Silk Roy has been able to continuously create, push boundaries and contribute to the art community.

More from him here:

LOUSY Ink - Ruskidd / Mike Eleven
Owners and Founders of Lousy Ink

Lousy Ink is the world's first 100% recycled artist ink. By re-purposing old materials in the form of a friendly and affordable product, they encourage spontaneity, creativity and most-importantly, throwing caution to the wind. They believe great art should always come from great artists, not great tools.

Their ink is sourced from a local plastics recycling company, where all of your old inkjet printer cartridges end up. These cartridges are crushed for recycling, and the runoff ink is drained and stored away.

They then give the forgotten ink a second chance by upcycling what would otherwise become landfill or burned as chemical waste. Lousy celebrates mistakes as the process of creation and it’s this “If at first you don’t succeed…” ideology that our brand revolves around.

Artists using their product include BarekBen Lopez ArtYeetheeast, AKinninmont and loads more!

More from them here:

Emerging Melbourne Based Artist

His awesome style has caught the attention of establishments including City of MelbourneRialto Towers and GLOW Winter Lights Festival.

Hear insight into how his making moves as a YUNG artist.

More from him here:


September 6th 2017

6.00 - 10.00pm

No Vacancy Gallery QV
Melbourne Victoria