Talkshops is a platform to belong to, learn from
& engage with fellow creatives. We provide an enviroment that invites students, young entreupenuers, artists & anyone in between to be a part of a community that is inclusive and eager to be inspired, not only by industry leaders but by the family that is built in the process.

Established in 2016 by The W.C.S.S., Talkshops played host to a number of industry leaders who were just as passionate about the vision of seeing community built through the sharing of ideas. This inniative saw us reach a diverse crowd that sparked important conversations, bridging the gap between unestablished young creatives
and experienced industry leaders. 

Previously hosted by No Vacancy Gallery QV & RVCA Gallery in Abbotsford, Our choice of venue was purposeful to create an environment where inspiration was inevitable even before entering the doors.

Thank you for learning with us.