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I.P.F Special Episode
Apply Yourself

For this special IPF 2016 edition, we’ll be hearing from an all photography related panel including photographers, blog publishers and book publishers / distributors. 

Our topic is Apply Yourself, discussing all the ways in which our speakers are applying themselves to their craft and how they are applying their craft to their environment. 


Josh Robenstone

Melbourne based freelance editorial and documentary photographer Josh Robenstone has been shooting extensively for over 10+ years now and much of his time is split between personal photographic projects and editorial assignments both in Australia and around the world.

His consistency has allowed him to shoot high profile individuals such as Chris Lilley, Matt Corby, Daniel Ricciardo and Phibs Official-Graffiti/Fine Art/Street Art. Alongside that he has worked with commercial clients such as Nike, Qantas, NAB, Country Road and New Balance Australia.

A drive for continuous progression has seen his work published in print publications such as The Age -, Frankie Magazine, Herald Sun, Broadsheet Melbourne, Good Weekend Magazine & Kingbrown Magazine.


Nicole Reed

Melbourne-based, award winning photographer Nicole Reed proclaims that, for her, photography is more than just a career – it’s her reason for living. Rarely leaving the house, never mind the country, without her camera, Nicole searches for the muse of her next frame around every corner. While her work is undoubtedly artistic, Nicole draws inspiration from editorial, documentary and portrait photography.

Her consistency has allowed her to exhibit in numerous cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and New York at prolific establishments including National Gallery Of Victoria and The Patterson Gallery. Alongside exhibiting her drive has opened opportunities to shoot portraits of influential figures such as Ricky Powell, Milton Glaser, Ron English, Mike Giant and Shepard Fairey.


Wendy Syfret

Wendy Syfret is a Melbourne based writer and editor, currently serving as the editor of i-D Australia.

Formerly the associate editor at VICE Australia, she has a broad editorial background that has included covering news, current events, culture, gender and sexuality, the arts, and human rights. She joined the i-D team in 2014, when the publication opened offices in the world’s cultural capitals including Australia.

Since then she has focused on continuing and building on the publication’s heritage of perceptive content that is reflective of a changing world.


Justine & Dan

Justin and Dan are owners of Perimeter Books, a specialised bookstore and platform for various art publishing endeavours in Melbourne, Australia.

Perimeter stocks a curated selection of local and international small press, art, photography, architecture and design publications, and exhibits publishers and contemporary artists with an interest in the printed form.

Perimeter launched its in-house publishing imprint Perimeter Editions in August 2012 and Perimeter Distribution in April 2013. Perimeter has a photography-focused outpost at the Centre for Contemporary Photography (CCP) and a curated library at Hotel Hotel in Canberra




November 15th 2016

7.00 - 9.00pm

RVCA Corner Gallery
Wellington Street Collingwood
Victoria Australia